Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Day 34

I can't actually believe how quickly my life is currently going. It's been nearly a week since I lasted updated my blog.

There's been a hell of a lot of drinking and socialising going on this week as well as much practice - I did 5 hours of clarinet and 2 hours of piano yesterday, plus language of music class which was 2 hours of the retard class attempting to sing and analyse harmony. I've come to the conclusion that staying at college until 9.45 is the way forward if I actually want to get anywhere. It's so easy to practice at that time with there being so few people there in the evening. It's great to actually get a decent piano like a Steinway as opposed to the crap that I normally get given.

Student night tonight (yay)...blatent rapeage of the local pubs and their cheap drinks!

The week in pictures:

Manuel (Manwell) doing what he does best. This guy is the most amazing pianist ever

My 'steal of the week' - Try getting that past security!

I got spanked by a spatula...twice

Stabby Stabby girl eating lunch!

The view from last nights practice room

Anyways, it's half 6 in the morning and I think that it's time I left for work..


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