Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 47

I havn't written on here for a long for a very good reason - the fact that I've been so bloody busy.

The last ten days have spelt nothing out of the ordinary. 
  • Partying at halls/greenwich/central london.
  • Endless rehearsals
  • A couple of trips back to sunny Elm Park/Romford
  • A large number of visits to Howarths (the woodwind shop) in search of my new clarinet.
The latter is proving to be very expensive as it looks as if I'll be paying a good £6000 for the pair I'm going to need....bad times.

On a positive note - free Chlamydia testing at college today.  To put it bluntly this could get messy..

Anyways, I should be off to college for a clarinet quartet rehearsal....I really can't be bothered

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