Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 50

Thursday was a rather shitty day.

Clarinet lesson went well.  My teacher loves my new clarinet so it looks as if I'll be purchasing it next week.

I then had the dreaded 3 hour clarinet class which consisted of
orchestral extracts.  These are the extracts of music which come up at
orchestra auditions and you have to basicially be able to play all of
them - they're absolutely hundreds.  Needless to say, this was
incredibly boring.

In the evening, Carrie, Guy, Joycey and myself went to IndigO2.  A new
venue at the O2.  We saw the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, of whom many
Trinity brass teachers play in.  They played a Sibelius work,
Rachmaninov's 2nd piano Concerto and Tschikovsky 4.  They were really
good, however the venue just didnt do them justice.  The acoustics were
about as good as a reverb.  A totally dead and souless
sound.  However, the pianist, Peter Donohoe, performed the Rach
flawlessly.  One day I'll be able to play the concerto, whether it be
next year or twenty years.

We then came home - on the way my chest started to become really
tight.  I'm asthmatic and I've never had an attack in my life.  To cut
a long story short, I was laying in bed that night, and got a pain all
down the right hand side of my upper body including my right lung and
back.  I could hardly breathe.  After trying to sleep it off for a
couple of hours with the help of nurofen, I ended up going to Lewisham
hospital.  Not my preffered choice as I felt like a right pussy, but I
guess when you can't breathe properly, something has to be done. 

My heartrate was hitting 140bpm and my blood pressure was apparently
ridiculously high too.  I had a temperature of 38.5 to compliment
this.  They did an ECG but it came out ok, and just gave me some
painkillers.  The bottom line was that I had a fever - that made me
feel quite stupid and they gave me some anti-biotics to help fight it. 
I've woken up this morning, still in pain and feeling quite shitty. 
Bad bad times.  No drinking for help term and no drinking on my 19th


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