Saturday, 3 January 2009

Day 121

Well I'm back at Uni and to be honest I'm in two minds about whether I'd rather be here or at home..

Everybody apart from Guy and the crazy lady named Alice who resembles a camel and never leaves her room are back.  I'm getting on really well with Matt but Ji and Livi are already fucking me off lol...mainly Livi because she's just so bloody stupid!  Hopefully things will get better when I see the others tonight..

I hate an amazing couple of weeks back home in sunny Elm Park.  Trips to the Harvester, many nights on the lash at Romford and the trips to lakeside were the highlights.  It felt good how everything just felt so normal like I'd never left.  I can't wait to come back.

There was also the jamming session with Nathaniel, the hulk (Luke) and Rich.  We just jazzed out for hours and did a few cheeky recordings/videos.  Again - I can't wait to get back together with these guys again as we have the potential to make a go of this space.

Violet Nights - My Girl Cover

Anyways, I'll update this when I get another chance..hmmmm

Monday, 22 December 2008

Day 109

It's Monday 22nd of December and I'm FINALLY packing up my stuff to come home. It's been a long time since September and I can't wait. I know I've been coming back to sunny Elm Park every now and then, but it's not the same as living there for 2 weeks, being waited on in your own bed.

I quite simply believe how much crap I've got knocking about in my room that I've got to bring (mainly musical instruments). Luckily my dad will have the van.

I had my last day before my 2 weeks off at M&S yesterday. What a day! I did the 12 hour shift which involved taking two deliveries by myself, as well as carrying out all of the other crap I have to do. This was quite a bit of effort. Me and Ed (the finally two at student halls) then had a final piss up all night to celebrate! And to finish off all of the drink we had left, plus the crappy bucks fizz which work gave me for Xmas - a pint each, downed in one.

I went pub golf Friday night with the Reading fest crew. Jesus...I managed to do most of them in 1, apart from 2 drinks which I had to do in 2, thus I made myself sick about 1am just to get rid of the crap which was floating around inside of me. This was a bloody stupid move though as I was still vomming at Midday on Saturday! It was good fun though!

Anyways, I best carry on packing up my things. I guess this is it until the New Year, so Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to anybody who actually reads this!

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Day 100

I admit that it has been a long time since I last updated this...a very long time in fact. I just couldn't be bothered to post on here. Whether it was laziness or lack of spare time, who knows. However, after receiving a letter from Sean (the cunt), I've been given a much needed kick up the arse so I'm going to attempt to update this quite frequently. it goes.

The last 48 days since my last blog have been rather eventful. There have been many ups and downs. High points, low points. I ended it with Carrie about a month ago due to the fact that I didn't feel that I could handle a relationship at Uni as Uni is renowned for being about shagging anything that moves/has a hole in it and having a bloody good time - not getting tied down with somebody. A couple of weeks later tho, I ended up getting together with Niamh (Neeve to you and I). She is nowhere near as clingy which is appreciated and I feel like she’s more than a mate at times, so in that respect maybe it is possible to have a relationship at Uni? Only time will tell.

Uni or Music College is still really enjoyable. The main focus is still upon practicing/performing, etc which suits me down to a tee. I really think that I wouldn’t have been able to handle a straight forward conventional music degree as I quite simply lack interest in many of the logistics and theoretical matter which quite frankly, you don’t need to know. So long as I have an advanced understanding (which is taught in language of music) which covers what you need to know and not the bollocks that is irrelevant then I’ll be fine.

I still haven’t performed any solos in public yet, but I’ve done a fair bit of ensemble work. There’s been much depping (filling in for people when they can’t make a rehearsal) mainly in the orchestral context which is great experience when you’re thrown in at the deep end and just have to get on with it. I’ve done a couple of shows as well, both coincidently were Little Shop of Horrors – both paid rather well so I can’t complain. There have been two Sinfonia concerts at College. The first was a Saint-Saens work which I was playing the Eb clarinet in. This has got to be the worst instrument ever. It’s about half the size of a conventional clarinet, makes you look like a prize faggot and sounds horrible. This was rather embarrassing. The next concert will be taking place in February, and I’ve been put on 1st clarinet. I’m pretty shocked by this, considering that I got a reserve place at Trinity and the other clarinettist in my year got in first time AND got a £1000 scholarship to come here, thus meaning that she should be better than me...I genuinely feel that I’m better than her though :S.

Speaking of clarinets, I finally got a new pair at the end of October. They came to the grand total of £6000....ouch. I could have got a decent car for that, or gone on the holiday of a lifetime. Ah well. I’m so happy with them though and they will last me for at least the next 15 years – a worthwhile investment.

I’m still keeping up my job at M&S. The whole concept of being the only white feller there though (apart from the store manager) is quite depressing at times and one of the managers is just a complete and utter two faced bitch. Luckily she only manages me on Thursday mornings, but she frequently pushes me over the edge at 7 in the morning due to my lack of sleep. Hopefully I’ll get out of that shift in the New Year. They do pay really well though so I shouldn’t complain.

Anyway..this is getting incredibly long now and I’m beginning to go on a bit so I’ll leave it at that. I think this should bring things up to date! Bacon sarnie time...

Friday, 24 October 2008

Day 50

Thursday was a rather shitty day.

Clarinet lesson went well.  My teacher loves my new clarinet so it looks as if I'll be purchasing it next week.

I then had the dreaded 3 hour clarinet class which consisted of
orchestral extracts.  These are the extracts of music which come up at
orchestra auditions and you have to basicially be able to play all of
them - they're absolutely hundreds.  Needless to say, this was
incredibly boring.

In the evening, Carrie, Guy, Joycey and myself went to IndigO2.  A new
venue at the O2.  We saw the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, of whom many
Trinity brass teachers play in.  They played a Sibelius work,
Rachmaninov's 2nd piano Concerto and Tschikovsky 4.  They were really
good, however the venue just didnt do them justice.  The acoustics were
about as good as a reverb.  A totally dead and souless
sound.  However, the pianist, Peter Donohoe, performed the Rach
flawlessly.  One day I'll be able to play the concerto, whether it be
next year or twenty years.

We then came home - on the way my chest started to become really
tight.  I'm asthmatic and I've never had an attack in my life.  To cut
a long story short, I was laying in bed that night, and got a pain all
down the right hand side of my upper body including my right lung and
back.  I could hardly breathe.  After trying to sleep it off for a
couple of hours with the help of nurofen, I ended up going to Lewisham
hospital.  Not my preffered choice as I felt like a right pussy, but I
guess when you can't breathe properly, something has to be done. 

My heartrate was hitting 140bpm and my blood pressure was apparently
ridiculously high too.  I had a temperature of 38.5 to compliment
this.  They did an ECG but it came out ok, and just gave me some
painkillers.  The bottom line was that I had a fever - that made me
feel quite stupid and they gave me some anti-biotics to help fight it. 
I've woken up this morning, still in pain and feeling quite shitty. 
Bad bad times.  No drinking for help term and no drinking on my 19th


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 47

I havn't written on here for a long for a very good reason - the fact that I've been so bloody busy.

The last ten days have spelt nothing out of the ordinary. 
  • Partying at halls/greenwich/central london.
  • Endless rehearsals
  • A couple of trips back to sunny Elm Park/Romford
  • A large number of visits to Howarths (the woodwind shop) in search of my new clarinet.
The latter is proving to be very expensive as it looks as if I'll be paying a good £6000 for the pair I'm going to need....bad times.

On a positive note - free Chlamydia testing at college today.  To put it bluntly this could get messy..

Anyways, I should be off to college for a clarinet quartet rehearsal....I really can't be bothered

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Day 37

The last few days have been extremely messy what with the whole drink. I was still drunk from previous night, yesterday afternoon. An amazing little pub has opened directly next to halls. It's so nice inside. However, they don't seem to realise that by charging £3.70 a pint, they won't be able to entice the 3000 students (rough estimation) living next door to it. By charging £2 a point, they could easily make £6000 if everybody just has one drink - crazy fools!

I'm off to the music shop Howarth in Cental London in a minute to go clarinet shopping! It's going to be an expensive purchase of around £6000 for the two instruments...ouchie :(.

I thought you might like to see what I'm currently working on, on the piano at the minute. It's Rachmaninoff's infamous prelude in C# Minor. It's still not finished and I kind of repeat the second half of it at the end as it goes really badly the first time through, but feel free to have a listen and I'll upload the final version when its finished. I figured that it might be a good idea to record everything I learn this year so that I have a record of it.

Anyways, enjoy your weekend! x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Day 34

I can't actually believe how quickly my life is currently going. It's been nearly a week since I lasted updated my blog.

There's been a hell of a lot of drinking and socialising going on this week as well as much practice - I did 5 hours of clarinet and 2 hours of piano yesterday, plus language of music class which was 2 hours of the retard class attempting to sing and analyse harmony. I've come to the conclusion that staying at college until 9.45 is the way forward if I actually want to get anywhere. It's so easy to practice at that time with there being so few people there in the evening. It's great to actually get a decent piano like a Steinway as opposed to the crap that I normally get given.

Student night tonight (yay)...blatent rapeage of the local pubs and their cheap drinks!

The week in pictures:

Manuel (Manwell) doing what he does best. This guy is the most amazing pianist ever

My 'steal of the week' - Try getting that past security!

I got spanked by a spatula...twice

Stabby Stabby girl eating lunch!

The view from last nights practice room

Anyways, it's half 6 in the morning and I think that it's time I left for work..