Monday, 29 September 2008

Day 24

A great weekend!  Went back to Sunny Elm Park Friday night and then had various rehearsals and concerts over Saturday and Sunday. 

Trip to Tescos Saturday afternoon:  £80!  Ouchie...However I'm fully stocked up for at least the next two weeks which is good.

I played with the good old Havering Youth Orchestra Sunday morning at Romford Marketplace.  It was to do with the opening of the Olympics and Boroughs all across London were carrying out different events.  A slight waste of time as only parents of performers seemed to be watching as the 6 year old kids performing on the Music Tech stage were much more talented (obviously). 

Sunday night was a mix of the usual carnage.  See pics below on how to lock somebody in their room!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Day 21

It's been a pretty good week!  Been very busy..

Yesterday was the highlight - I had work at 7am which was pretty damn difficult to get up for.  I then went straight to a Church in Dartford where I depped in for somebody in a clarinet choir who had a concert there - it went exceptionally well (it was a shame that the audience comprised of 15 retired old people who gave the impression that they wern't very interested though)...  I then depped for somebody in the Morley College Orchestra in lambeth - again this went really well and I managed to gain a few useful contacts, so who knows..I might get some work out of them in the future!

Back home to sunny Elm Park this evening...

Monday, 22 September 2008

Day 17

The reason I've stopped updating this frequently is because most days are generally the same.  I got college / practice then chillax / occasionally drink of an evening.  I guess that the only addition to those sequence of events over the last week is the fact that I have managed to blag my job at the local Marks and Sparks just down the road!  Nothing spectacular but it pays well and allows me to get extra cheap food on waste which is exactly what I need!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Day 12

I got up early and practiced.  Then had chinese for dinner.  Then went to bed.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Day 10/11

Practice..practice...practice...drink drink drink...practice

you get the picture!  It's all good though!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Day 9

Another pointless day - I'm writing this as I can't sleep and have my first day at Trinity tomorrow damnit!

The parents arrived this morning bearing gifts including food, pillows and A WOK! A Wok is the single kitchen item that a Student should NOT be without! With a Wok the opportunities are endless - trust me!

I then spent the afternoon practicing and messing about as per usual.  Georgina turned up as dinner was being served up and we went for a drive in her £25,000 Toyota Avensis 08 plate that she has been given for the weekend....shame it was an automatic though!

Anways time to attempt to get some sleep again...I have a busy day tomorrow

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Day 8

Today was incredibly pointless.

I got up late.  Went to the pub to watch footy. Went weatherspoons for lunch/dinner.  Came home.  Went back to bed.  Got up.  Ate fried egg sandwich.  Had a few beers.  Watched end of Last night of the Proms.

Day 7

Friday....woahh one of the best days so far.

The day was spent pracitcing / sleeping..Sam turned up in the evening and a night of carnage followed.
We had the silent disco over at Blackheath Halls which turned out to be pretty legendery, and then we came back to party away into the early hours of the morning at Mcmillan

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Day 6

Right It's Friday..only just though so I'm gonna call this Day 6 (Thursday). It's 12.25am and I regret that I have been too busy (lazy) to update the blog but I'm gonna make up for it now.

This week has just been a combination of going to random meetings which have all been rather pointless..and the SU events. However the chamber music meeting was pretty useful. The feller who ran it was a down to earth bassoonist who has been in the industry for a good few years now. He has played in everything - more recently Kung-Fu panda and the new James Bond movie. He took a no-nonsense approach with us and told us the industry as it was. If you're an arsehole then you won't get far - simple as that. It was quite fresh to hear this from a teacher who was totally down to earth about it all...much more useful than some ponce talking bullcrap.

Anyway the highlight of the week so far has been Day 5 (Wednesday). We went on a boat trip with a few hundred other people up and down the River Thames. It was slightly coincidential that I had played on that very boat a few years ago with the Abbs Cross School Dance Band back in the day..

A few pics:

Millennium Dome

Canary Wharf/Docklands

Tower of London

As we got off the boat, we saw 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' being filmed featuring Colin Firth outside Trinity. It was pretty amazing how they transformed the place (Sorry about the crappy picture)

After this, Sean and Iain came and stayed the was a night of banter! What happens at Trinity stays at Trinity....

Shame there was nowhere for them to sleep though apart from the kitchen floor which was covered in crap (take note of seans bed which was in fact the ironing board)

So that was that..Day 6 was OK - only had my audition for the orchestra which went amazingly well despite the fact that I have been so tired due to reason that I've had around 10 hours sleep since Saturday...I won't get in though because the 4th years get the orchestral seats...fuckers lol.

Well that's that - time for bed I think..I have a weekend of partying to prepare for!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Day 3.

Last night was again pretty damn good - didn't get in until 8.30am...
Finally got a chance to go to Trinity. Had a the opening speach and some crazy improvised song with piano accompaniment by two teachers...that woke me up.
Got my timetable - I have Tuesdays off and Thursdays and Fridays are pretty empty too. Also got the Clarinet teacher that I wanted SCORE.

Tonight we're off to 'up the creek' were Carnage is at. Apparently it's just some mental rave..could be a laugh. Worst comes to the worst then we'll be back at the flat getting rogered here instead.

Had to pay £80 for internet as it's no longer free grrr

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Day 2

It's 1pm. Things got messy last night. Large volumes of alcoholic beverages were consumed, much vom spilled from my mouth and little sleep occured. Let's do it all again tonight! Everyone has now turned up at the flat..a erm..random bunch of people - many of which will need educating as I believe that they have most probably never left their bedrooms before..fags.

No pics today - however there will hopefully be a fosters tower by the end of this evening (image to follow tomorrow)

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Day 1: More pics..



Look at the shitty microwaves..

Shitty microwave!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008


Hi. I'm Chris. I am embarking on Uni this coming Saturday (6th September 2008) and for the lulz, me along with a few mates (Sean Canning and Iain Peat) have decided to each blog the next 4 years of our Uni life for the world to follow! How lucky are you! Let the festivites begin...

Day 1

It's 3.49pm and I've finally finished moving in, unpacking, etc etc. Not a bad joint so far..still havn't met any of my flatmates yet though. The kitchen stinks of grease and filth....niceeee.

A few pics?

The Room:

The Bathroom:


Where the magic happens..